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Mother-of-pearl and shells 

Beautiful collection of mother-of-pearl beads and shells for costume jewelry and designer - the threads are about 40 cm, these can be longer or shorter depending on arrivals, factories or provenance...

Visit our quality mother-of-pearl section and you will find a very nice selection of mother-of-pearl beads, different shapes, hearts, leaves, flo...

  • Abalone

    The abalone shell comes from New Zealand and has splendid pearly reflections. Inside the mother-of-Pearl is an iridescent mixture of several colors, including green, blue, purple and sometimes pink. It symbolizes the sea ear and is used by Native Americans as a support for the combustion of sacred plants. The shell of abalone (English name) is used in decoration also because it is very beautiful and resistant. In jewelry, in mixture with other pearls, it will transmit its reflections on these ! You will create wonderful jewelry!

  • Round or faceted pearl shell
    Round or faceted pearl shell
  • Seashells large models
    Seashells large models
  • Seashells small models and heishi
    Seashells small models and heishi
  • Mother-of-pearl beige
    Mother-of-pearl beige

    The beige mother-of-pearl is extracted from the giant clam (tridacna gigas), the giant clam found in Indonesia. It is the largest of the clams which is why it bears its name well. It is also the largest bivalve in the world (mussels, oysters, clams). This species lives in coral reefs and can be large and very colorful.

  • Mother-of-pearl grey/bronze
    Mother-of-pearl grey/bronze

    The grey mother-of-pearl we import comes from Tahiti. Its scientific name is the Pinctada margarittifera.

  • Original mother-of-pearl
    Original mother-of-pearl
  • Round or faceted mother-of-pearl bead
    Round or faceted mother-of-pearl bead
  • Mother-of-pearl of top quality
    Mother-of-pearl of top quality

    Choose natural beads such as mother-of-pearl for making your jewelry. Timeless, they will allow you to create according to your desires. This section includes mother-of-pearl beads and patterns of a very high quality and finish. You will find mother-of-pearl beads on wire but also individual items for the creation of earrings or pendants.

    The white mother-of-pearl is extracted from the Pinctada maxima in Indonesia, the pink mother of pearl from the potamilus purpurata in the USA and finally the gray mother of pearl from the Pinctada margarittifera in Tahiti.

  • Pink mother-of-pearl
    Pink mother-of-pearl

    This pink mother of Pearl will bring a lot of softness to your jewelry compositions. It is imported from the USA and extracted from potamilus purpurata.

  • Mother-of-pearl items and pendants
    Mother-of-pearl items and pendants
  • Tinted mother-of-pearl
    Tinted mother-of-pearl
  • Saint Lucia
    Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is an operculum, that of the turbo, a mollusc that inhabits the Mediterranean waters, especially on the outskirts of Corsica. The eye of Saint Lucia looks like a pretty shell, with a flat face representing an ivory-colored spiral, and a bulging face, more orange. This operculum takes its name from The Legend of the martyr of Saint Lucia.

    The eye of St. Lucia is considered as a lucky charm, a guardian angel.

    This shell is presented only in the Mediterranean but we find shell opercula in the warm seas, Indian Ocean, China Sea ... These opercula that you will find on our site resemble the eye of Saint Lucia of the Mediterranean that is why these are commonly called Saint Lucia....Despite this confusion connoisseurs make the difference between the 2 shells....

    In Asia it is called the eye of Shiva. His energies provide protection in your actions and self-confidence. They free from the fear of judgments and help to illuminate one's own destiny.

    This shell will illuminate your jewelry creations with its softness and simplicity, creations of bracelets, necklaces, earrings mixed with mother-of-pearl beads or semi precious natural stones...we all need a lucky charm !




  • Mother-of-pearl beads
    Mother-of-pearl beads

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