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Threads, laces and trimmings 

Wholesale of threads, laces and trimmings for the creation of costume jewelry: leather threads, waxed cotton threads, polyester threads, suede threads or elastic threads.

Our elastic from Korea, of good quality, is durable and ideal for making your bracelets.

  • Waxed cotton 0.7 mm
    Waxed cotton 0.7 mm

    Very solid European-made waxed cotton - standard color range

  • Waxed cotton 1 MT
    Waxed cotton 1 MT

    Economical waxed cotton. Coil of 50 mt or 0.074 mt

  • Mane

    The steel mane or cable allows to mount strong collars, for this we use crushed beads, 2 preferably on each side for safety issues. we use the 0.38 for medium heavy stones and the 0.50 for heavier stones (beyond the 10 mm diameter)

  • Leather

    European made leather, quality

  • Elastic

    Resistant elastic in 0.5 mm 0.7 mm 0.8 mm or 1 mm for heavier beads or stones.

    The diameter of the elastic to be used can vary depending on the size of the holes of stones even of an identical size given the different provenances, factories and also of the same factory.

    Generally speaking, for Stones in 8 mm we use the elastic in 1 mm, including for the 10 mm and for the sizes above we double it when we can.

    For stones in 6 mm we use the elastic in 0.8 mm or the 0.7 mm (preferably); if it is possible to switch from the 1 mm then we use the 1 mm or the 0.7 mm if necessary. It is best to always use the largest possible diameter.

    For stones in 4 mm, we use the 0.7 mm when possible, in which case the 0.5 mm

    For stones in 3 mm, we use the elastic in 0.5 mm where possible.

  • Polyester wire Europe
    Polyester wire Europe

    Origin Europe solid and ideal for making tight knots - standard color range in 1 mm ideal for macrame

  • Pompoms

    Silk pompom manufactured in Europe and lucky charm pompom from China

  • Rat tail
    Rat tail

    European manufacturing rat tail guaranteed, very shiny appearance

  • Artificial suede
    Artificial suede

    Artificial suede/imitation leather - standard color range; the price per meter is 0.20€; European manufacture

  • Polyester wire China
    Polyester wire China

    Durable wire origin China

  • Pvc

    Flexible and durable European-made PVC for use with the FRL23 clasp

  • Wire pendant
    Wire pendant

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