Turquoise semi precious stone

Turquoise is a precious mineral stone known for thousands of years. This stone is, today, cut in jewelry especially when it is mounted on gold, such as rings, bracelets or precious objects such as talismans.

Is it not said that turquoise semi-precious stones bring well-being ? Indeed, ancient beliefs give it many virtues, such as that of bringing the comfort of the spirit, of bringing confidence or of being the stone of the faithful. It is also the stone that is offered to celebrate the 18 years of marriage. BeauMonde is your turquoise bead wholesaler who offers you turquoises of a beautiful bright azure color.

Turquoise comes from deposits, the most important being that of Mount Ali-mersai in Iran. This stone is found in deposits from Egypt, the United States or in France in the mines of Mintebras-en-Soumans, Creuse or Limousin. From one deposit to another, the stone extracted from it can be turquoise blue, green, blue, more or less translucent. BeauMonde, wholesaler of turquoise bead in Aix-en-Provence will advise you on its provenance.

Most often, the color of Turquoise is blue-green, apple-green or Azure. The color of a stone is a function of the other minerals that are mixed there (opal, chalcedony...) or its content in chromium, vanadium, iron, copper... Most often, the color of turquoise remains stable. But, it is necessary to be careful not to expose it to too strong light, high temperatures, cosmetics, chemicals... Otherwise, it tarnishes and loses its clarity.

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