Trends Fall-Winter 2024/2025

As autumn approaches, we are delighted to reveal the fall-winter 2024-2025 trends. Get ready to explore a vibrant and warm colour palette, directly inspired by the Fashion Week shows.

This season, new colors will appear, ready to warm up and bring a touch of comfort. We offer a selection of the most fashionable colors, perfect for elegant and innovative combinations.

Be inspired by these new trends and breathe a breath of freshness and modernity into your creations...


« oasis of serenity »

We invite you to discover our first association trend for the new season autumn-winter 2024-2025:«The Oasis of Serenity». This harmonious combination combines the tropical oceanic blue, inspiring the escape and recalling the sea depths with a feeling of infinity, as well as the eggplant or purple, evoking a mysterious and delicious aura, symbolizing the romantic and passionate nuances of love.

To give life to this association, we have selected an exceptional range of natural stones, including: the aquamarine of Brazil, the blue chalcedony of Brazil, the angelite of Peru, the trolleite of Brazil, the aura Angel quartz of Brazil, mixed blue calcite from Argentina, tourmaline from South Africa, garnet in irregular nuggets or round pearls from China, red tiger eye in faceted roundels from Africa, amethyst Phantom from Brazil, strawberry quartz from Brazil, mochaite from Australia, ruby in large chips from Kenya, and natural red sandal wood from India.

To sublimate this mixture, combine these stones with silver hematite. Whether bright, faceted or matte for a frosty look, hematite will add a touch of elegance and modernity to your creations. Let yourself be inspired by « The Oasis of Serenity» to bring a new dimension to your creations.

« autumn sunshine »

We can offer you a second wedding trend « Autumn Sun ». This wedding is composed of slightly spicy misty yellows, which exhale the beauty of the natural world with a warm sweetness. Mustard yellow is an affirmation of boldness and confidence, that is why we can offer you this association with the lush and prolificred that seduces with its depth, connotes the wonders of marine treasures and brings an intense and passionate touch.

To realize these creations, we propose you different natural stones like the seed of Rudraksha or seed of Buddha of India, obsidian mahogany of China, which can be bright or matte, mookaite of Australia, amber of Lithuania, jasper matte or shiny wood of Australia, chiastolite from Brazil, Sunset Aura Quartz from Brazil, Bumble Bee jasper from Indonesia, golden tiger eye from South Africa, red jasper from Venezuela, matte yellow jade from Burma, Pacific cut sea bamboo, Brazil fire agate, Brazilian faceted carnelian and Pacific gorgonian coral. This mixture can also be combined with copper-colored hematite, whether faceted, smooth or matte, to bring more brightness. The bright and warm colors of this association evoke the Indian summer and its magnificent sunsets, bringing a touch of magic and romanticism to your creations.

« Scorched Land of Siena »

The last color palette we present is «Scorched land of Siena». This nuance evokes our roots and our deep connection with the earth. The tones of pine cones and rustic brown, reminiscent of the warmth and solidity of wood, harmonize with the simplicity and humility of the autumn leaves lining the soil of a forest. The colour rainforest, green and lush, symbolizes the vitality of nature and underlines our gratitude to it.

To concretize this palette, we offer a selection of natural stones: bronzite from Brazil, matte or brilliant, jasper out back from Australia, gold mica from Canada, agate Tibetan style declined in colors of beige, camel and forest green, pyrite from India, US magnesite, natural dendritic agate from Tanzania, labradorite from Africa, larvikite, natural grey faceted agate from Brazil, gray jasper from Madagascar, green jade from Africa, green calcite from Argentina, Unakite in faceted roundels from South Africa, malachite from Congo and green jade from Pakistan.

To enhance this palette, combine these stones with gold hematite in rounds, large facets or faceted round beads. The golden hematite, whether bright or matte, will bring a soft and soothing brightness, evoking the sun’s rays filtering through the woods and peacefull yill uminating the forest floor. This unique combination will add a touch of serenity to your creations.

Trends Spring Summer 2024

Following the fashion week in Paris for the presentation of new collections we can see the new colors palette for this spring summer 2024 season. To stick to fashion trends, we can find pop colors for this new season, but also pastel colors that promise to soften our summer looks.  A multitude of possibilities for beautiful creations !!


« Peach Fuzz »

«PeachFuzz» embodies the delicate balance between vivacity and soothing softness. Its warm shade reminds us of the first rays of the sun caressing the skin, creating an enveloping and comforting atmosphere. This nuance was selected for it sability to embody optimism and positivity, characteristics more important than ever in today’s world. This blend can match the soft pink, which remains fresh and contemporary. A trendy color for this new season that brings sweetness, cheerfulness and enthusiasm!

You can find these shades with natural cherry  agate from Madagascar, natural rose quartz from Madagascar also in different shapes and round matte beads that bring a «frosted» style, the pink opal of Brazil in round beads or roundels, the morganite beryl of Brazil in round beads or large nuggets, the strawberry quartz of Brazil also, the Pacific pearl in heishi roundels, the beige opal of Africa for example in faceted drops, the beige howlite in small or large ovals, the multi-color moon stone from India, faceted glass beads for example of opaque peach color AB or dark peach AB to bring shine, the pink aventurine/peach hexagonal faceted a beautiful piece to bring character to your creations, the sun stone of South Africa smooth, faceted or grey, for your creations, do not forget the «metallic gold» touch very trendy this season with shiny or matte golden hematite, which comes in many different shapes such as smooth or faceted roundels that can serve as spacers, in round beads or shapes such as buddha, star, heart, rectangle, oval, rounded square…

life in blue

Often associated with power and nobility, royal blue exudes confidence and serenity, infusing an atmosphere of calm.


A declination of blues to transport us on holiday, we can find apatite of Peru in the shape of nugget, faceted roundels, shiny or matte round beads, lapis lazuli of beautiful quality of Afghanistan in different forms such as square, faceted blue veined agate of Brazil, azurite of Africa, glass beads with beautiful reflections, blue opal of Africa also, sodalite of South Africa in oval shape, clover or faceted round beads, smooth or matte starting from a mixed blue to a pure blue, the dark grey fresh water cultured pearl that has beautiful peacock blue highlights, which can be mixed with silver hematite for a metallic effect that is very trendy this season! Silver hematite also exists in matte color and in various forms starting from small spacers to larger pieces like the ovals that can be placed in the center of creation.

For the Mala or fancy necklaces do not forget the king blue pompoms that will bring the final touch to your creations !

A season Pistachio & Yellow Canari

Pistachio is one of the gourmet trend colors of 2024, both sweet and energetic for next summer. The combination of canary yellow, this vibrant and sparkling yellow rhymes only with happiness and spontaneity. A beautiful mix for boldness in the new creations of this season ! We can offer in natural stones and fantasy a wide range of choices starting from yellow opal of Africa in round beads or large ovals, citrine of Brazil in all its forms to bring a rough appearance with the irregular nugget, or more refined with the faceted cut barrel, the yellow calcite of the USA, the seraphite of Russia in large oval, the prasiolite of Brazil for a soft green, the amazonite of Africa or China lighter, the new jade of a translucent green, the green moonstone of Tanzania, the opaque green glass bead with its many facets, chrysocolla from Brazil, green fluorite from Mexico, peridot from Brazil, prehnite from Australia, beautiful soft creations for this new season that can be associated with shiny or matte golden hematite to bring warmth and enthusiasm in this new year that begins !

Find at BeauMonde a whole range of materials and colors ready to inspire you ! not only round beads but a wide choice of various shapes in many natural stones to give soul to your creations and make the difference !

Trends Fall - Winter 2023/2024

Autumn will soon be here, summer is almost over...

Find now a summary of the fashion colors presented during Fashion Week for this new fall - winter 2023/2024 season!

A color palette that combines vibrant and joyful tones with essential, refined and timeless colors...

The shows presented a sophisticated color palette, ranging from light and bright tones to more intense and bold colors.


Gray will be one of the most popular neutral colors for this 2023/2024 season, a sophisticated and trendy shade.

It is a color appreciated for its discretion, capable of transmitting elegance without being too banal.

We can offer you new natural stones for this season such as pitaya quartz from Tanzania and yooperlite from the USA, then labradorite from Africa, black rutile quartz from Brazil, matte snow obsidian from Africa, black sardonyx from India, tere hertz from China, you can add different materials like lava stone from Indonesia, gray freshwater cultured pearl from China, gray mother-of-pearl from Indonesia…

We can also find lighter shades to lighten the mixture of colors with beige petrified wood from China, beige opal from Africa, silver hematite from China, you can find for your creations all these stones in different shapes and different sizes on our website…


“Oil green” will also be one of the most fashionable trendy colors for this fall – winter season.

This color will bring a touch of freshness and nature, it is a warm shade of green, this color goes very well with amber red, it is a mixture of sophisticated colors which will bring a touch of originality and elegance for the winter season.

We can offer you natural stones: rubyzoisite from Tanzania, serpentine from Korea, jade from Africa and China, dragon serpentine from Russia, unakite from Africa, green opal from Africa, red jasper from Venezuela, smoky quartz from Brazil, brandy opal from Africa, new jade flower from China, bumble bee jasper from Indonesia, mahogany obsidian from China, fire agate from Brazil, eye of mixed red iron from Africa, all of which can be illuminated with Chinese hematite in bronze or matte bronze color to combine the different reflections with the natural stones...


To finish, we will find a touch of pink, even in winter a little sweetness for this season!

A “confetti pink”, a sophisticated, fashionable shade widely used during Fashion Week for this new season! This color has been highlighted in monochrome mixtures, but can also be combined to distinguish you with colors ranging from intense ruby ​​to purple colors like iolite...

We can offer you ruby ​​from Kenya in different shapes and sizes, auralite from Brazil, matte or shiny amethyst, strawberry quartz from Brazil, charoite from Russia, light amethyst and lavender amethyst from Brazil, pink calcite from China, pink agate from Botswana, pink freshwater pearl from China, kunzite from Tanzania, lepidolite tourmaline from Africa, thulite from Norway, rhodonite from Australia, lepidolite from Africa, kyanite from Brazil , iolite from Zambia, tanzanite from Tanzania, we can add a touch of golden hematite to bring pep to this beautiful mixture of softness and different varieties of agates to bring intensity to fancy creations...

Wishing you great creations!

Spring-Summer 2023 Trends

Spring is soon pointing the tip of its nose. Overview of Spring-Summer 2023 trends! Find a summary of Fashion Week.

The collections will be both soft and colorful, a chic and assumed trend!

There will be something for every style!

To keep up with fashion trends, viva magenta!

This season, a shot of vitamins for our summer desires, magenta was voted color of the year, a subtle marriage with different shades of pink to bring joy and cheerfulness!

A shades of pink, which will bring optimism and audacity to your creations, you can find stones of different sizes and shapes for your creations on our website, such as fushia agate, veined fuchsia agate, tinted jade pink, pink Botswana agate, cherry blossom agate for a light pink mix, the different shapes in white mother-of-pearl and heishi, for more fantasy silver hematite which will bring shine. We can also mix shell washers to play with different materials.

More than a trend, dreamy blue!

We also find for this new season shades of "jeans blue", a softer chromatic desire, which will bring freshness and elegance to jewellery.

We can offer the combination of different shades of blue in natural stones ranging from denim blue tones, to lagoon blue ending in almond tones, as with sodalite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, dumortierite, aquamarine, larimar, trollite, green azurite, light turquoise howlite, hemimorphite up to the softer shade of chrysoprase, green opal and prasiolite! Golden hematite in round or faceted beads, shapes or rings will enhance your summer creations!

To bring material, sensation, matte natural stones can be combined, chic and elegance are guaranteed!



Holiday Sunset, Indian summer!

What would summer be without a sunset? The "Shine Bright" effect comes in a mix of Sunset and beige colors. We will be able to find marriages, variations, games of transparency and brilliance where natural stones will agree to make us travel a little longer... Mixture of shades of sunset from the 4 corners of the world!

Travel guaranteed, find golden hematite, round or faceted for more reflections, white or beige mother-of-pearl, sea bamboo, carnelian, fire agate, bumble bee jasper, yellow, honey or orange calcite, beige opal, mother-of-pearl and of course the essential Sunset aura Angel.


Mixed color summer!

To boost the summer look, we have combined with other pep's colors such as yellow, chlorophyll green, orange and lilac...

A mix of bright colors while remaining in natural stones, promise of beautiful creations and season to come!!

We can find yellow opal, orange calcite, variscite, phosphosiderite, African amazonite, chrome diopside, pink opal, green African jade… Silver hematite is also present, this metallic color has not said its last word, we will see it everywhere this year, the creations will then be perfect to match all the accessories!

Fall - Winter 2022-2023 Trends

Summer is over, temperatures are getting cooler...

Discover with us the trendiest colors from the fashion week catwalks for this new Fall - Winter 2022-2023 season!

Find the "must haves" with gold, silver or even bronze metallic colors for stylish looks in all circumstances this winter, beautiful colors to bring joy!

In the first range of colors we will find the marriage of several sets of shades which will be available between the different tones of yellow, brown, gray and black. One can imagine a mixture with serpentine, landscape jasper in rectangle, tiger's eye in round or oval faceted, gray crystal, black agate in the shape of a cross, round faceted or oval, round black labradorite or heishi , serpentine dragon, chiastolite, black and yellow opal, matte onyx, cut labradorite, lava stone which gives substance.

Find a wide choice of finishes in round silver hematite, washer, faceted or not, oval, cross, heishi, diamond washer to illuminate your creations...


In the second part we can find a color chart in shades of red, orange and brown, we can then offer you carnelian in small fine and elegant chips, natural arbovitae wood, golden tiger's eye, fire agate in oval, gorgon, multi rutilated quartz, shiny or matte bronzite, red jasper in round, faceted or tube bead, natural wood phoebe, tiger's eye in small or larger heishi, matte mahogany obsidian, beige crystal, oval or heishi mochaite.

Copper or bronze hematite will bring discreet and chic colors at the same time. Something to stand out from other creations for this season!

This winter will also transport us to a mixture of sweetness and nature. This can be declined with an association of green, fushia, amethyst tones.

One can imagine a marriage of emerald green, rubyzoisite, pink quartz, malachite, pink corundum, large oval lepidolite or round pearl, star green agate or large faceted square, square Pakistan jasper, rhodocrosite faceted washer or large chips, rubies, phosphosiderite, African turquoise in rounded washers, heishi or small chips, amethyst in shiny or matte round pearls, in ovals, squares, large chips... To find the stones by shapes on our site you can view in the "precious stones" section, then select "stones classified by shapes" in order to be able to decline your collections.

Fur is still the big trend this season! We will therefore find a range that is similar in shades of camel, beige and different shades of brown.

We can therefore combine shiny or matte, round, large chips, oval or heishi bronzite, faceted square sunstone or high pierced lamella, elephant jasper, natural incense wood, beige crystal, gold sandstone and its sequins in round, faceted or tube pearls, faceted red jasper, faceted square tiger's eye, shiny or matte washer, all associated with the essential golden hematite which will help you combine natural stones and fancy touches !


Finally, this season we can find the trend of mixtures of shades of blue, gray, all sprinkled with a golden mixture for the festive spirit.

You can find these tones with lapis lazuli in square, cut or round pearl, angelite, kyanite in round or mini square pearl, hawk's eye, shiny or matte sodalite, apatite in heishi, round pearl or faceted, shaped labradorite or round pearl, montana crystal, gray blue crystal, golden hematite which will be recalled in certain shades of natural stones, glittery blue gold stone which brings pep!

The subtlety of the creations can be realized in the shades of combinations of colors and different shapes.

Spring - Summer 2022 Trends


At a time when we are snuggling up in our sweaters and coats, here is a summary of the Fashion-Week shows to know the trends to keep in mind for next spring-summer 2022.

Large necklaces, chains, bracelets, hair jewelry, chokers, oversized cuffs, chain or chainmail belts, XXL dangling earrings, large hoops...   

The jewelry schedule is rich!! We trade our fine rings and other discreet chains for bold, colorful pieces by playing on the theme of monochrome, color block and shiny!

To support this wave of gaiety and carelessness, bright and shimmering colors are in the spotlight. Primary colors (red, blue, yellow) prevail alongside gold and silver, while pastel pink, powdery to fushia and its purple variations take center stage.

We note the great return of silver metal and crystal.


Noir & Blanc :

At the start of the season, we will focus on the return of the timeless black and white duo. It's the marriage of the two colors that will bring the fantasy! 

Whether with round beads, squares, medallions, ovals, irregular rectangles, large chips, hexagonal shapes, faceted or not, it is the mix of shapes that will reinvent this timeless wedding!

You can find in our section "stones by shapes" smooth stones, faceted, irregular rectangles, large chips, medallions 4mm, 6mm, rounded washers...

We can imagine a mixture of different natural materials with our Freshwater pearls, shells such as abalone, rock crystal, cracked rock crystal, Herkimer crystal, quartzite, white agate, white howlite, selenite, with stones black like nuumite, merlinite, jet, astrophillyte, tourmaline, obsidian, gold obsidian, silver obsidian, cat's eye, rutile quartz, onyx, sardonyx, gray moonstone, gray mother-of-pearl, lava stone to vary the textures...

Color block :

To stick to fashion trends, pop colors and color block outfits are embedded this season to blend in with the spring decor. The colors will be vibrant with fairly frank and contrasting associations. We don't hesitate to mix all the tones, because this color block is popular.

We will witness the return of orange vitamins full of pep's et des almost tart aniseed greens. Candy pink, mandarin orange, lavender blue... Just as trendy, bright red, pop green or chick yellow are among the colors of the spring summer season. Or an optimistic "chromatic splash" raising the color block to the rank of the ultimate exercise in summer style, mixed with the sides of gold and silver which brings a "Disco" touch!

For this range we can offer you from orange to red: fire agate, orange tinted impression jasper, carnelian, red aventurine, red jasper, poppy jasper, and especially sea bamboo for a bright red or glass bead ; For aniseed green, different jades, such as Chinese or Mongolian jade, green aventurine, chrysoprase, fluorite, ruby ​​fuchsite, peridot, prehnite, serpentine, lodolite, new jade flower, variscite, green opal…

For candy pink, pink quartz transports us to childhood, strawberry quartz, pink opal, pink tourmaline, thulite, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, pink mother-of-pearl, pink cultured pearl to fushia agate; For the lavender blue color we will have blue or purple chalcedony, blue calcite, iolite, aquamarine, kyanite, angelite, charoite, ametrine, lavender blue agate… 

For chick yellow we will have yellow Botswana agate, citrine, yellow calcite, yellow jade, golden rutilated quartz, yellow opal…

You will also find for fancy creations in the agates section a wide choice of lively colors as well as colored pompoms as well as plates in fuchsia, turquoise, emerald, orange agate, not to mention glass beads or colored wood...

With silver or gold hematite, be sure to bring a ray of sunshine to your creations in all its forms, washers, spacers, round, faceted, square, hexagonal, heart, star beads...

You will find below an atmosphere photo declined then with close-ups on the trendy colors:

The eternal bohemian chic trend:

The trend of pastel tones is also in the game and promises to soften our summer looks.

Colors that bring sweetness, smiles, joy, lightness, nude tones, off-white, ivory...

Imbued with romance, the bohemian chic look is still rife!

It is in a light and poetic spirit that we can use all these shades as with pink Botswana agate, pink or white mother-of-pearl, shells, freshwater pearls, quartzite, magnesite, river stone, eye of Saint Lucia, white moonstone, matte sunstone, natural rose quartz from Madagascar, pink opal, auralite, multi rutilated quartz, kunzite, aquamarine, lodolite (or Shaman's stone) and many more…

 What sweetness!

Minimal monochrome:

More than a trend, a safe bet. As a guarantee of chic, monochrome whites are imagined for summer 2022 in a sporty aesthetic and slightly oversized cuts. Mix of different textures and shapes, anything goes!!

The trend is for XXL jewellery, give free rein to your inspiration to add charms to bracelets and earrings, mottled charms, cascades of pearls...

Thanks to our section "stones classified by shape" in the fine stones find our stones easily to decline your collection as with the Heishi washers 2x3, 2x4, 3x6mm, round or faceted pearls, large rounded or small faceted washers which will bring some notes of shine to your creations! The essential freshwater pearl and shells that bring exoticism, an invitation to travel for this season!!

 Find a panel of different shades of white, rock crystal, crackle rock crystal, Herkimer crystal, quartzite, white agate, white howlite, selenite, white moonstone, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl beads, glass beads , shell beads, shell washers…

Harmony will be achieved with the combination of different shapes and sizes for this season: dare to show off large pieces! For example hexagonal pieces, large smooth or faceted ovals, butterflies, hearts, irregular rectangles, large pearls...

Autumn - Winter 2021-2022 trends

After a rather special season, we offer you a summary for this Autumn - Winter 2021-2022 start to the season.

Indeed, following the current situation, the trend is towards more respectful and inclusive fashion.

Still, you can find a lot of glitter in Fashion Week, the star trend of Winter! Something to break with our "cozy" habits due to confinement.

Jewelry tends to make people dream, going for the party to shine and put balm in the heart.

We can synthesize several themes to illuminate this Autumn - Winter 2021-2022 season.

To begin with we can imagine a mixture of colors starting from brown, camel, gold going up to the orange tone. It is then interesting to mix the tiger eye, the elephant jasper which is more nuanced, the bronzite, the bubble bee jasper which is a beautiful novelty, the landscape jasper, the red jasper, to play with the different materials by associating different wood, incense wood, arbovitae, wood jasper, beige mother-of-pearl ...

To illuminate the creations, let's not forget the gold tiger eye, golden hematite.

Even bronze-colored hematite will bring elegance and shine to enhance men's or women's jewelry.

Natural fire agate, carnelian, orange sardonyx, Brazilian orange calcite, hessonite, quartz aura and Botswana agate will bring the "Sunset" tone of the sunset that reminds us all of the Indian summer during this fall transition.


We can also find a universe in "Night Out" shades, the marriage of elegance and winter cold. Rhinestones and sequins set the podium on fire: a burst of great evening style to dream of the aftermath.

The game will be done in different shades of blue. The reflections will make the nuances and the soul of the creations. We can then imagine classic labradorite or gold labradorite as a novelty, the unique reflections of aquamarine, angelite, pegmatite, sodalite, dumortierite ... all mixed with black and silver tones. .

Shades of gray can also be found in different natural agates, such as dentritic agate from Tanzania, gray crasy agate, up to nude and beige tones such as magnesite, sun stone or white agate.

The different hematite colors will provide the bond to marry the nuances. The hematite with beetle reflections will bring discreet and chic multi-color reflections at the same time. What to stand out from the other creations for this season!


This Winter will also transport us in the sweetness. We all need it after this unique year

This can be declined with a combination of lilac, different shades of pink up to purple and red hues.

Soft, romantic, fresh but not too much, the color lilac, shade of purple will be in the spotlight this Winter! We can then imagine kunzite, light amethyst, ametrine but also purple calcite to have the total Look.

From pink to red this Winter, there is only one step. In all shades, pastel, candy pink or fuschia pink almost going purple!

We can think for tanzanite purple tones, charoitite, lepidolite, shiny and even matte amethyst!

For pink colors: thulite, pink tourmaline, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, pink mother-of-pearl. For more pastel shades, Madagascar rose quartz, morganite, aragonite, strawberry quartz. To finish in redder hues we find garnet, red jasper or even faceted red crystal beads, red sandalwood ...


Finally, this Autumn - Winter we can find a "pop-seventies" air with tones ranging from emerald green to khaki green, all sprinkled with a golden mixture for the festive spirit.

You can find these tones with African cuprite which is a great novelty for this season, matte or shiny unakite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, moss agate, tree agate, African turquoise, l 'emerald, malachite, diopside from Finland ....

The subtlety of the creations can be achieved in the mixtures of colors and associations of different shapes starting from round pearls, faceted round pearls with medallions, ovals, heishi washers, rounded squares, cut stones, irregular rectangles ... note that the heishi shape is still relevant today!

Spring - summer 2021 trends

We offer you a summary of the Fashion Week shows concerning Spring-Summer 2021 trends.

Next summer will undoubtedly be studded with daring jewelry for a coolest silhouette ....

The big trend being mismatched earrings, maxi earrings ... The jewels are worn in accumulation, different minimalist chokers associated with longer grigri necklaces.

The jewels will be embellished with pretty lucky charm or abstract symbols, let's take inspiration from the jewels that we find, old adornments ... the bohemian spirit makes us crack!

This season the jewels will be showy or will not be ....

Several ranges emerge, in the first we will find the marriage of several sets of shades which will be declined between the different blues and whites.

We can imagine a mixture with lapis lazuli, seashells, kyanite, mixed sodalite, the freshwater pearl which will bring multiple reflections, magnesite, howlite, white wood, white mother-of-pearl, the idea being to mix the nuances to obtain a mottled blue, also to associate the various metallic elements such as for example the silver and golden hematite without forgetting the shells which transport us in a holiday spirit.

We find another range, black and white: the timeless marriage!

The jewelry will be either very showy or very discreet. It is advisable to combine different sizes of stones or cultured pearls, in grains, flattened, round, olives ...

This beautiful mixture of white, mother-of-pearl or shells can be mixed with onyx, black, shiny, mat or faceted tourmaline, sardonyx, and also white stones such as moonstone, selenite, quartzite, jade white, white agate ....

The golden and silver dressings as well as the metallic hematites are mixed on the same jewels.

The trend also transports us to a combination of soft colors, nude tones, off-white, ivory and powder pink… For a light and poetic spirit for this spring-summer collection.

Chic and romantic creations where you can use pink Botswana agate, magnesite, eye of Saint Lucia, beige moonstone, matt sunstone, Heishis or faceted rings; natural rose quartz from Madagascar, pink opal are associated with all these shades with golden hematite like a ray of sunshine for your creations.

Finally, we find a little “sixties pop” air with mineral touches.

The use of natural materials, artisanal work ... for a bohemian universe.

You can imagine beautiful creations in khaki, off-white, straw yellow, light orange tones for Made in France jewelry!

You will find all these tones with unakite, gold tiger eye, river stone, different scent woods such as frankincense wood, arbovitae but also other stones such as chrysocolla, chrysoprase, landscape jasper, natural fire agate, orange or yellow Botswana agate without forgetting the Rudraksha seeds which bring matter, originality and spirituality.

Surfer necklaces with Heishis washers are still popular in a wide range of stones, African turquoise, carnelian, chrysoprase, magnesite, howlite ....

Fall-winter 2020/2021 trends

We share with you Elisabeth Leriche's trends for this new season < / em>

Arty Jungle

"Arty jungle invites us under the canopy of a lush jungle with exotic and graphic patterns inspired by the naive universe of Douanier Rousseau, for an energetic and outgoing woman. These sets are original, opulent and narrative, combining in an eclectic way worked and natural materials, between exuberant nature and tropical bestiary. "

The range is inspired by the lush colors of flowers and exotic plants such as orchids, hibiscus, citrine, pistachio, bamboo, khaki ...

You will find all its tones in our gemstones such as citrine, yellow calcite, serpentine, rhodonite, thulite, fuchsia agate, green jade, malachite , olivine, ryolite, unakite; But also in glass beads and tinted mother-of-pearl.

New Seventies

"New seventies borrows and reinterprets the codes of the 70s for a cultured woman with a chic allure, who wears eclectic jewelry associations in a bourgeois-bohemian spirit. The jewels create colorful assemblies that oscillate between classic and ethnic codes mixing natural and synthetic materials and graphic and cashmere patterns »

The colors are rich in weathered tones, denim blue, mustard, camel, turmeric, leather, duck

We can imagine necklaces or long necklaces in dumortierite, sodalite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, associated with mustard tone like wood jasper or golden tiger eye ; Landscape jasper for the camel tone without forgetting scent woods such as arbovitae and frankincense.

For the duck color, you will find apatite, a very beautiful blue to awaken associations, we can also find this tone in the range of agates and glass beads.

In White

"In White transports us to a nature draped in white, light and poetic, which invites a romantic and sensual woman to evolve in this dreamlike universe , where the precious work of embroidered, crocheted and chiseled materials gives life to jewels combining transparent and opaque materials to create airy, delicate and refined adornments ”

This theme mixes the different shades in white tones, you can find them in our natural stones like crystal, crackle crystal, selenite, stone moon, white opal, angel quartz aura, shell, mother-of-pearl and our cultured pearls.

In order to vary the color palette we also offer a large part of its stones in smooth, faceted and matt stones.

We also offer these tones in our range of glass beads, solid opaque or transparent colors.

Silver and gold hematite will add sparkle to your designs.

Dream Night

"Dream night is a festive theme immersed in a nocturnal, cosmic and glamorous atmosphere that teleports a bewitching woman, influenced by an offbeat couture spirit. These sets are sophisticated and the settings of jewelry are elaborate, combining stellar patterns and eighties influences and mixing luxurious materials referring to the know-how of jewelry in a rock spirit ”

The dark tones range is precious and nocturnal: ink blue, galaxy blue, night, hematite, mercury.

We can offer you our natural stones like black tourmaline, jet, spinel, onyx. We can also imagine the cat's eye, hyperstene, obsidian gold, silver or celestial eye which will bring some luminous nuances.

The black agate, which can be imagined as a base for the long necklaces, shiny, faceted or mat which goes well with our range of hematite silver, available in different sizes and shapes and our glass beads which offer many different shades so that each creation remains unique.

Without forgetting the blues, such as blue jasper, sapphire, blue gold stone which bring a festive and glitter effect to your creations.

T endances spring-summer 2020

Elizabeth Leriche has designed, for the “FASHION TRENDS” trend space, a scenography around four fashion themes in order to highlight the novelties of costume jewelry.

Discover the trends dictated at the last Bijorhca fair in January 2020.

We draw your attention to the fact that all of our stones are natural stone and color (no tinted stones)

(except sea bamboo or gorgonian coral which are stained

1st prize in rose quartz which is heated for enhanced color (this is mentioned)

turquoise howlite which is tinted to approach the appearance of turquoise, on the other hand the white howlite is natural

and know that part of the agates are heated to obtain colors or effects. If you want completely natural agates look at the sections where the word NATURAL is indicated and we remain at your disposal.

Otherwise all our stones for lithotherapy are completely natural and we want to market only completely NATURAL.


"Showcases artisanal know-how and natural materials for a solar and sophisticated woman"

The colors are spicy like saffron, sand, smoky pink, camel, khaki, baked red.

You will find these colors in our natural wood category with red sandalwood, arbovitae for the saffron tone and which gives off a scent ..., incense wood and in the horn category for camel and amber tones.

You will find these tones in the large family of natural jasper such as wood jasper, red jasper, leopard jasper, sky eye jasper but also stones like natural carnelian, unakite, ryolite, rhodonite ....

Brown seashells will bring an exceptional mix and midsummer.


"A duality for the theme Twist legacies between historical codes of the bourgeoisie and insolence rock in a spirit british "

This theme is perfect for a free and cultured woman.

The colors are refined with both fresh and muted tones such as bronze, emerald green, havana, nude, gray mauve, cumin.

We can imagine cultured pearl and baroque necklaces with medallions, chain and pearl necklaces, large earrings with emerald-colored agates , bronzite, natural wood beads, garnet, porcelain jasper, Chinese jade, sun stone ...


"A dive into the abyss, a futuristic aesthetic for a seductive and daring woman"

This is a range inspired by the seabed, blues, many different blue tones, aquamarine, light green and delicate like the new jade or green moonstone, hemimorphite for its mixtures of turquoise tones, natural blue jasper, sodalite or lapis lazuli for deep blue,

all mixed or not with white cultured pearls, shells or mother-of-pearl.

You will find all these blue or green tones in our range of glass beads, solid colors opaque or transparent.


"draws its references from contemporary art for an urban and dynamic woman"

This theme offers a range of primary tones contrasted by graphic black and white but also burgundy, bright red, Klein blue, azure blue, green, chrome yellow .

We imagine original and structured jewels with the colors of our glass category but also black and white agates or white shell pearls, the bright red of bamboo sea.

Fall winter 2019/2020 trends

(from the bijorhca salon)

TECH-SPORT: A theme that diverts the codes of sport to dress an urban and dynamic woman.

A new modernity in pastel colors for the "Tech-sport" theme inspired by architecture and design, which appropriates the codes of sport for futuristic fashion

A clear and cold range, awakened with a neon touch. - Optical white - Citrine yellow - Sky blue - Rose Quartz - Grayish blue - Charcoal gray - Brushed silver

NIGHT CLUB: theme inspired by a nightlife aesthetic for a glamorous and sexy woman

Nocturnal and festive atmosphere for the “Night Club” theme which favors a glamorous and sexy style, tirelessly reinterpreting the spirit of the eighties. < / strong>

A range of colors with metallic accents. - Magenta - Bordeaux - Emerald - Sapphire - Night - Gold - Silver

ELEGANT FLOWER: inspiration for a cultivated and sophisticated woman

A Victorian inspiration for the theme "Elegant flower" which plebiscites a floral and vegetal ornamental repertoire.

A range of refined colors. - Blush - Mauve - Absinthe - Cooked orange - Raspberry - Purplish blue - Khaki green

BOHO CHIC: mixes seventies and gipset influences for a nomadic and hedonistic woman

Between hippie chic and nomadic luxury, the “Boho chic” theme illustrates a mixed style at the crossroads of cultures and craftsmanship.

A range of warm shades contrasted by a touch of Indigo blue. - Sand - Curry - Carmine - Laterite - Indian Rose - Plum - Indigo

Fall winter 2018/2019 trends

City Rock: A free woman who claims a rock, post-punk spirit and asserts her allure with urban adornments. It mixes tartan, camouflage and leopard patterns in a very British spirit with chains, studs and rhinestones.

The range of colors is classic enhanced by a mustard yellow that you will find in the wood jasper, the yellow petrified wood. ..

Camel, garnet, burgundy, navy blue, khaki and black .... which you will find in our range of stones such as garnet, unakite or ryolite, black agates, dark blue ....

Techno street: A daring woman who projects into the future and likes to test new associations to create a "Street-pop-futuristic" style. She likes bright and energetic colors, technical materials with shiny and iridescent reflections, hologram patterns.

The colors are neon and vibrant like acid yellow, orange, vermilion red, magenta, purple, electric blue , midnight blue that you will find in our wide range of agates.

 Poetic forets : Une femme sophistiquée et romantique à l'allure élégante qui aime la poésie de la nature. Elle se laisse envelopper par la magie de la forêt, des sous-bois et des feuillages, dont les couleurs et les textures l'inspirent. Elle se pare de matières nobles et de bijoux luxueux et raffinés.

Les couleurs sont chaleureuses aux tons automnaux comme noisette, ocre jaune, carmin, pourpre, bleu saphir, bronze, nuit ; nous suggérons la bronzite, la gold blue stone, le quartz fumé, la mookaite, la dumortiérite et toutes la gamme des jaspes dans les tons marron et noisette....

 Wild Country : Une femme curieuse, baroudeuse, aventurière qui aime parcourir le grand nord américain. Elle puise son énergie dans une nature sauvage et authentique. Elle se protège du grand froid en s'enroulant de matières chaleureuses et porte des bijoux talismans à la fois bruts et sophistiqués.

La gamme de couleurs est assez neutre inspirée par la nature comme ficelle, chamois, tabac, terre de sienne, marron, gris anthracite, bois brulé, craie que vous retrouverez dans notre large gamme de jaspes et d'agates mais aussi la bronzite, le corail fossile....mélangé à des bois orangé comme le bayong....


Tendances printemps-été 2018

Découvrez les tendances dictées par le bureau de style de Elisabeth LERICHE à l'occasion du prochain salon Bijorhca de janvier 2018 :

Une mode libre et créative avec une saison Printemps-été 2018 incarnée par une femme aux multiples visages.


C'est une femme glamour qui n'hésite pas à se parer de mille éclats pour danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit !

du bleu électrique, du rouge rubis, du fushia,  du noir, gris argent

Vous trouverez un grande sélection d'agates, le noir avec l'onyx et l'agate noire, l'hématite argentée.

Les couleurs sont très contrastées.


C'est une femme douce et sensuelle, qui dévoile sa féminité à travers une garde-robe aérienne, ornée de volants et de fleurs.

Des couleurs printanières et fraiches comme le jaune vanille, roses en camaïeu, mauve, bleu ciel et vert d'eau.

le quartz rose, l'angélite, la préhnite, la kunzite, l'aigue marine, toutes les pierres de couleurs douces sont à l'honneur mariées à des perles de cultures, à des perles en verre.

The colors are floral and vegetal: pink, fuchsia, raspberry, lilac, moss, emerald, night

you will find these colors in the wide choice of agates, moss agate, black agate, green agate, blue agate ... but also in others natural stones such as ruby ​​fuschite, olivine, rhodocrosite ...

the flowers are represented on the site in many stones

The materials mix with cultured pearls, bohemian pearls, mother of pearl.


"This free and curious woman travels the world in search of forgotten treasures, from the steppes of Mongolia to the mountains of Tibet. 'inspires craftsmanship and traditional know-how to create an original wardrobe mixing materials and patterns in a modernized folk spirit "

The colors are warm and spicy: copper, peacock, red, mustard, brick, camel, china blue

and the materials to be combined are numerous amber, agates, leather, wood, copper and patinated gold that you will find in the range of metallic hematites.

You will find natural stones in the range of mustard jasper, wood, blue jasper, red jasper ... but also dumortierite or sodalite, bronzite. ..


"She is a daring and sensitive woman who favors innovative materials and technologies for an avant-garde wardrobe. She is inspired by the cosmic universe, stars, planets and galaxies for its adornments. It is an invitation to an intergalactic journey in zero gravity "

The colors are contrasted: black, white, silver, cloud, ultra violet, midnight blue

Silver hematite will be the essential interlayer, black or gray agate, Tibetan-style agate, but also the range of gray and black jasps matt, rock crystal, quartzite ... mixed with materials such as silver metal, plexiglass, mother-of-pearl, pearly bohemian pearls ...

Spring-summer 2017 trends

Here is a little summary of the trends dictated by Elisabeth LERICHE's style office at the next show Bijorhca from January 2017:


A cultivated and humorous woman who reinterprets the seventies, mixing geometric patterns to offer a vitamin and multicolored vision. She reinvents her wardrobe to give kitsch a new chic look.

The range of vintage colors: chick yellow, nasturtium, caramel, celadon blue, pistachio green, orange, red.

You can find these colors in the large family of jasper such as caramel, red jasper ...

red or orange sea bamboo but also agates for yellow, green without forgetting glass beads for orange.


A radiant, energetic woman who borrows all the eighties codes: XXL shoulders, shiny materials, toned colors ... to create a flashy festive silhouette and set the dance floors on fire.

The colors are strong, supported by brilliant effects: vermilion, purple, gold, silver, steel, electric blue and black. You will find on our site a whole range of glass beads in toned colors, also faceted glass in a thousand colors ... golden or silver hematite ....


A fulfilled and optimistic woman who knows no boundaries and mixes the locker rooms between East and West. She loves the natural and supple materials that she wraps around for a solar and elegant look.

You can use for this theme materials such as amber, stones, horn, wood, suede ... the colors are warm and spicy like sun, turmeric, orange, paprika, camel, khaki and emerald that you will find in many stones such as unakite, African turquoise, jasper ...


A daring and uninhibited woman who takes responsibility for and captures the energy of the city. It mixes the codes of the street and of sport to invent a graphic and dynamic silhouette.

For this theme, these are primary colors enhanced with fluorescent tones: black, hard blue, red, gray, acid yellow, purple and candy pink, colors that you will find in our range of agates and glass. For the metal side, we recommend silver hematite.

Trends for winter- fall 2016 2017

Here is a short summary of the trends dictated by Elisabeth LERICHE's style office at the next Bijorhca show in September 2016:

- PINK LADY : A woman full of humor who sees life in pink .....

A palette of shades of pink, from powder pink to fuchsia, champagne, vanilla ... which you will find in mother-of-pearl, glass beads, agates but also stones such as rose quartz, lepidolite, opal pink ...

- NIGHT LUXURY : this is an elegant, sensual and contemporary face that likes to tame dark nights and mysterious ... who loves luxurious adornments.

You will use in this theme rather dark and deep colors, pine green, Prussian blue, plum, copper, nude that you will find in stones such as amber, agates, jet, bronzite ... .

- FLOWER FANTASY : An eccentric, exuberant woman in love with lush gardens ... the colors are more vivid in this theme such as reds, oranges with touches of green .... the range of glass beads in shades of red, orange will strengthen stones such as carnelian, orange agate from Madagascar, unakite, apatite, green opal, onyx ....

- MILITARY ROCK : A conquering woman who appropriates and reinterprets military codes in a youthful register ... for the colors of khaki and more khaki! that you will find in African turquoise, unakite, ryolite attenuated with ivories such as river stone, beige jasper not to mention wood such as gray wood or ebony.

Trends for spring-summer 2016

The Bijorhca show in Paris where we exhibit twice a year, in January and September, presents a trendy space called "Fashion Trends" dedicated to costume jewelry.

For all the designers who can go there, it is a wonder, the opportunity to discover new trends, a source of inspiration; the mind can wander ....

For those who cannot go, here is a quick summary of the trends dictated by the manager of this space, Elisabeth Leriche:

- SENSUAL ROMANCE : "a sensual woman who plays with her femininity through effects of transparency by layering chiffon and veil. She wears retro jewelry. vintage and appropriates the codes of a new romanticism "

Powdery colors such as white, ivory, rosewood, powder pink, pearl gray: you will find what you are looking for in our collection of mother-of-pearl, wood ... glass beads but also fine stones such as rose quartz, beige jasper, river stone ... all mixed with trimmings, lace ...

- ESCALE EXOTIQUE : "an optimistic and creative woman who likes to combine luxurious materials and shimmering colors. She marvels at the opulence of the nature, its exotic flowers and lush foliage populated by birds of paradise "

The colors are shimmering inspired by tropical nature such as emerald, ocean, lagoon, kiwi .... but also red, orange ... You can make exotic flower and leaf necklaces in the Hawaiian style. .you will find in our range of stones a wide choice for all these tropical colors, without forgetting the glass beads.

- GEOMETRIE VARIABLE : "an elegant, daring and visionary woman who loves contemporary art and architecture. She dares a graphic silhouette that combines urban and sporty codes with arty chic codes "

A range of graphic colors, yellow, red, hard blue, black like onyx, silver like silvery hematite ... you will find the colors red, yellow and hard blue in the crystal beads ... < / p>

- TERRE DE SOLEIL : "an elegant and traveler who draws her inspiration from secular Africa. She wears sculptural adornments with ethnic and primitive accents mixing the raw and the sophisticated "

The colors in this theme are warm and spicy: saffron, gold, turquoise, khaki, sienna, ebony .... You can make multi-material long necklaces, wooden beads, crystal beads mixed with fine stones like carnelian, unakite, calcite, the whole family of jasper ....

The trends are given for information only but each one creates according to his style, his experience, his clients, his tastes and his emotions .... BeauMonde offers you a large choice of stones, pearls to give material for your inspiration !!!!

We wish you beautiful collections !!!

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