Agate belongs to the quartz family. It is a fine stone, a variety of chalcedony characterized by successive deposits that give it its color. It owes its name to the river

Akhates in Sicily where it was found in abundance. These precious stones were known by the Romans who traded them. They were used as an ornament or to make jewelry. But already in ancient times, several peoples used agate and dedicated virtues to it.

There are several varieties of agate. Agate semi precious stones are distinguished by their colors (red, green, blue, black...). In its natural state, agate is usually gray in color with shades of gray, green or brown. Agates can be artificially colored through chemical reactions, which changes the properties of the stone. Your agate bead wholesaler will advise you to find the gemstone you need.

Agate is formed through rhythmic crystallization which is a natural and slow reaction. To form, agate needs silica, volcanic ash, rainwater, manganese, iron or other minerals that will give it its final color. Your bead of agate wholesaler in Aix en Provence will advise you on its nature and provenance. Indeed, agate deposits are found mainly in Germany, the United States, Australia.

In addition, many varieties, available at BeauMonde, your wholesaler exist. There is Botswana agate, dendritic, blue zoned... Sometimes the stone may have several colors or contain opal in these inserts. The bands of colors can be opaque, translucent or fluorescent and patterns can be drawn inside the stone. Agate is easily assembled as a jewel and because of its colors, is a highly sought after stone.

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